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There are nearly three dozen species of sparrows in North America alone and their flocks can become very large. Sparrows are ground foragers and primarily eat insects and grains, but they can also do extensive damage to fruit and other crops. Sparrows have been known to feed on dormant buds and blossoms, thus preventing fruit from developing.

House sparrows are the most common species and the most troublesome. They are quite comfortable living around people and are especially problematic around produce packing and food processing operations where their droppings and feathers can spread dangerous pathogens, including E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria. 

Bird Gard has been helping farmers and businesses protect their crops and property for more than 30 years.


A sparrow perched in a field
Sparrow Flying

From our customers...

"Pretty wicked! I was totally amazed that Bird Gard worked so well. Sparrows and flocks of starlings would head for the Sauvignon Blanc, hit the sound, and take off out of there. In all the years we have been growing grapes, nothing else has ever worked as effectively."

Michele Fletcher | Grape Grower - Blenheim, New Zealand

Electronic Bird Control

Bird Gard harnesses the power of the natural survival instincts in birds to effectively repel them. Digital recordings of species-specific distress and alarm calls, along with the sounds made by their natural predators, are broadcast through high fidelity, weather-resistant speakers. These trigger a primal fear-and-flee response. Pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened.

Birds stay out… for good!

Our bird repellers continually randomize the order in which the sounds play, the time interval between the calls and the relative pitch of each bird sound. This creates the impression that there are many birds in distress in the protected area. This multi-layered randomization prevents birds from becoming habituated to the sounds. Bird Gard can protect your property year after year.

Customized Proposals

To ensure that you get the most effective and efficient bird control, our team will create a free customized proposal using satellite imagery, showing the precise location to install your equipment. This creates an incredibly helpful blueprint, displaying the most optimal way to repel unwanted birds from your property. 

Bird Gard deployment map

Which Bird Gard Do You Need?

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds, whether that means protecting one acre or thousands. Choosing the right equipment depends on a number of factors, including the dimensions of the field, the terrain, surrounding trees and any nearby neighbors. You can give us a call right now to talk to one of our team members or reach us through the link below.


See how much you are losing to birds every year


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