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Species survival is hardwired into the DNA of birds. When a bird senses a mortal threat is imminent it cries out to save the rest of the flock. Bird Gard has a library of the distress and alarm calls of more than 140 of the most common problem birds. We carefully match the warning cries to the birds you need to repel. To further heighten the threat, the sounds of known predator birds living in the area are added. When approaching birds come in range of our deterrent sounds they perceive they are entering a danger zone and immediately flee the area.  

Listen to a sound clip sample here:

A finch perched on a stick.

Preventing Habituation - Keeping them Out

Birds quickly habituate to lasers, cannons, pyrotechnics and other artificial hazing methods that attempt to annoy birds into leaving. Bird Gard's bioacoustic technology (combining biology and sound) makes birds believe their very lives are threatened because their own brethren are warning them of imminent danger. To ensure your invading birds don’t become habituated, we employ computer controlled multi-layered randomization to continually adjust the timing and order of the deterrent sounds, as well as the pitch to give the impression there are a multitude of different birds under attack. As a result, we are able to keep birds out for as long as you need.  

Automated Maintenance Free Bird Control


Bird Gard products are fully automated and adjustable for volume, daytime, nighttime or 24-hour operation. The solid-state electronics are housed in weather tight enclosures and are designed to operate flawlessly for years in any environment. Units can be powered by 110/240-volt AC current or a standard deep cycle 12-volt battery with an optional solar panel for continual operation. 

bird gard technology

From Our Farmers

“I harvested an additional 6-8 tons of blueberries on five acres thanks to Bird Gard.”

Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina

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