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Deer Shield

Deer Shield

Keep deer out of crops, orchards, airports, gardens and landscaping with Deer Shield’s electronic deer control technology:

  • Digital recordings of alarmed, hostile and territorial deer are broadcast to trigger a primal fear and flee response.
  • Demonstrated to be highly effective at controlling deer through extensive and ongoing field testing.
  • An entire herd of deer will modify their travel and feeding patterns to avoid the protected area completely.
Buck under a tree


If your crops, garden or property have been damaged by deer, a Deer Shield unit can start protecting your property from nuisance deer today.  Deer Shield achieves exceptional results by completely protecting the covered area from deer.  Deer, like most nuisance animals, live in an interdependent social structure.  Deer Shield units broadcast audible danger and distress deer calls, causing deer within the protected area to flee.

Electronic Deer Control

Deer rely on camouflage and the ability to flee as their primary defense mechanisms.  When a deer senses danger, it makes alarm and distress sounds (audible to humans) to alert the rest of the herd that danger is nearby.  At Deer Shield, we harness the power of these warning calls by using high fidelity digital recordings of deer alarm calls as well as the sounds of aggressive, hostile and territorial deer.  When exposed to the combination of our proprietary sounds, deer will flee the protected area.


Frequently Asked Deer Control Questions

  • Do deer become accustomed to the sounds made by Deer Shield?
    • No. Deer Shield products harness deer’s natural fears and survival instincts to repel them.  A microprocessor randomly emits aggressive, hostile, and territorial sounds in a completely unpredictable pattern and at random time intervals and random frequency levels.  Sounds are cycled through randomly selected speakers (where applicable) to give the impression of multiple deer in danger throughout the protected area.  This keeps deer highly agitated and prevents them from acclimating to the sounds.
  • What deer species of deer are repelled by Deer Shield?
    • Deer Shield has been proven effective at repelling white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) and mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus).  If you having problems with other types of deer, please call us.
  • Can humans hear the sounds made by Deer Shield?
    • Yes. Deer Shield products play digital recordings of actual deer sounds to trigger an instinctual fear and flee response. The Deer Shield Super Pro has a volume control so the sound can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness and a minimum of annoyance to humans. Deer hear sound in the same frequency range as humans and are not affected by ultrasonic sounds.

From Our Customers

“Deer Shield was most effective in my vineyard this season. There was no deer damage! I’ve recommended my vineyard manager add Deer Shield to other vineyards they manage. I feel we’ve definitely changed their feeding patterns.”

Don Byard | Owner, Eola Hills Vineyard - Rickreall, Oregon, U.S.A.

“We purchased Deer Shield Super Pro to protect our 1-year old pear tree planting that had been severely damaged the previous year by deer and elk. Shortly after installing Deer Shield, the deer and elk changed their travel patterns and largely left the trees alone. After 3 months, what little damage we find is limited to the perimeter, is very minor, and the trees are now growing well.”

Bruce Hukari | Hukari Orchards - Hood River, Oregon, U.S.A.


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